Former Bucks Fizz star home after op

Jays cancerACCORDING to social media postings by her guitarist husband David Colquhoun, former Bucks Fizz singer and Eurovision Song Contest winner Jay Aston who lives in Tatsfield will be home this weekend after an operation for mouth cancer, removing part of her tongue. David has said that at the time of writing Jay is up and walking about in hospital and can speak. “Amazing recovery” said David “ and with a bit of luck she will be at home by the weekend. She is overwhelmed with the support as am I.”
Jay, who lives in Tatsfield with her husband and her daughter, had been warned the operation could destroy her chances of performing again. And if more cancer is found, and more of her tongue needs to be removed, there is a risk she will be robbed of speech, too. Jay has been performing gigs in Britain with original Fizz bandmates Cheryl Baker and Mike Nolan.

Doctors are hopeful Jay’s cancer has been caught early and the operation will remove it all. She left Bucks Fizz in 1985, four years after they won Eurovision with Making Your Mind Up, in part due to the emotional fallout of a shocking tour bus crash which came close to killing them all. It left Jay with ­debilitating back injuries.
There were years of acrimony around contractual disputes and she did not speak to Cheryl for 23 years. After the band decided to re-form in 2004, Mike, Jay and Cheryl became embroiled in a legal feud with former original bandmate Bobby G.
The trio eventually went with the name The Fizz, recruiting Sweet Dreams singer Bobby McVay to join them in 2015. He later left the group for personal reasons.
Now a trio again, they have begun collaborating on an album deal with legendary pop producer Mike Stock, while performing a string of sell-out gigs. Jay learned she had pre-cancerous cells in April after years of screening, due to a rash on her tongue called lichen planus, an auto-immune condition. Doctors have predicted that, as long as no further surgery is needed, she should be able to sing again in around a year, although nothing is guaranteed.

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