Parish funds work on road verges

MEMBERS of Oxted Parish Council were joined by the town’s Surrey County Councillor Cameron Macintosh outside Hurst Green Infants School to view the work that has been done to widen the road and enable safer parking.

The work on the road verges – there is also a project at Hurst Green’s Wolfs Wood- is the result of a joint effort between residents and the Parish and County Councils.

Councillor Macintosh said: “A few residents approached me about the verges and there was feeling that in certain cases, these needed to be looked at. I came out with the County Highways team to see what could actually be done, get their opinion and ask for costs, time frame, which contractor etc.

“I worked with Highways on this, and still am in regards to putting in posts. However, I approached Oxted Parish Council and put together a list of the verges I believe needed to be done and asked for financial support.
“The Parish agreed to what I proposed, and Surrey Highways and the contractor carried out this work. I’m very pleased with the work that’s been done but I am keen to do more. We still need to finish the one in Wolfs Wood, where we have agreed posts. I will be funding these from my Highways allowance, myself.”

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