Council says Douglas Brunton Centre is ‘not closing’

TANDRIDGE District Council has denied that the Douglas Brunton Day Centre in Caterham, widely used by the Tandridge community, is not closing.

And the Council says there are no plans for inpatient facilities to be provided by St Catherine’s Hospice and no plans to convert the centre to solely office use or homes.
The Council’s Housing Committee has agreed to look at the option of leasing a large part of the Centre to St Catherine’s Hospice.

If part of the building is leased to the hospice several new services will be available and there will be changes to existing services, some of which will move to alternative near-by locations.
It costs the Council around £250,000 a year to run the centre and the number of people using it has steadily declined.

The Council says it will work with local groups that organise lunch clubs, exercise and arts and crafts groups, to find out what’s currently available locally and what the potential is. Services provided by Surrey Choices, Age UK, East Surrey Dial-a-Ride and the Men in Sheds project will stay at the Centre.

Councillor Geoff Duck, Chairman of the Douglas Brunton steering committee, said: “I know people are concerned about possible changes, but we are doing all we can to find out about alternatives locally, as well as find ways to support those who need services the most.”

Councillor Nick Childs, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said: “It is early days and we are exploring the possibilities. We appreciate this has made a number of older people very anxious and they are concerned about whether activities will continue and where they might be located. This is a piece of research we are currently undertaking and we need to talk to a number of local organisations to see what is possible.”

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