Mongol Rally trio reach Istanbul

AFTER struggling with engine overheating problems on their first 11 days on the road, former Uni students and 21 year olds Matt Saunders and Henry Henderson from Limpsfield and their friend from Yorkshire, Dan Hydleman, are now in Istanbul, as they tackle the 10,000 mile 2018 Mongol Rally.

The three musketeers set off from Tandridge Village on Saturday, July 14- the event started in Prague and finishes in Ulan-Ude, Russia – in their little 1.1 litre Suzuki Alto, bought for £1000 and they hope to raise at least £5000 for three charities, Cool Earth, Cancer Research and the Knights Youth Centre in south London.

Calling themselves the Slow And Mild Tempered team, Matt, Henry and Dan have set up their own website and will be on Instagram for their epic road trip and will be posting regular updates and blogs.


Photos kevin black/supplied

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