Superheroes meet at Lingfield for special fundraiser

YOUNGSTERS attending the Wee Ones Day Nursery in Lingfield enjoyed a very special fundraising event.

Wee Ones hosted a Superhero day in the Lingfield and Dormansland Centre in Lingfield for the George and The Giant Pledge for the Royal Marsden Hospital.

On January 3 2017 Vicki and James Woodall (Woody) received the news that’s every parent’s worst nightmare. They were told by doctors at The Royal Marsden Hospital that a lump they’d found on their then four-year-old son’s back was in fact cancer, a rare PNET soft tissue Ewing’s Sarcoma.

From being a perfectly healthy and happy little boy George and the Woodall family’s lives changed overnight. Over the course of 2017 he endured 14 rounds of chemo, had part of his spine removed during 10 hours of complex surgery and received proton therapy in the USA thanks to the NHS.

Vicki and Woody are trying to make the best of their bad situation and, despite navigating George’s difficult cancer journey, supporting his older brother and trying to maintain some semblance of family life, they’ve pledged to raise £1,000,000 to help beat childhood cancer.

Money raised by donations goes to the children’s team at The Royal Marsden Hospital to help fund much needed research into children’s cancer as well as help The Royal Marsden team continue the outstanding work they’re doing for children and families affected by cancer.

The Wee Ones event featured faceprinting, arts and crafts, a beat the goalie competition, raffle and silent auction.

wee ones superhero .jpgPhoto by kevin black

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