Botley Hill Farmhouse staff find 19th century wedding ring

Lost ringEagle-eyed staff at Botley Hill Farmhouse on the Titsey Estate at the top of Titsey Hill and outside Tatsfield have found a 19th century gold wedding ring.

The treasure was discovered in the bar area and is thought to date back to the late 1800s. It is so small that its owner either has petite hands or wore the ring on a chain.
Staff have asked customers and announced the find on social media, but as yet the owner has not come forward.

“This must be somebody’s prized heirloom and may even belong to their great grandmother,” said part-owner and manager of the 16th century farmhouse, Nicole Joubert. “We often have children’s toys, sunglasses and scarves left behind by customers, but this is the first time we have found something as precious as this. I hope we find the owner soon.”

If the ring belongs to you, then pop into the pub and ask to speak to a member of staff. Or call Botley Hill Farmhouse on 01959 577154.

Photo shows: Marlena Pyc, assistant manager, models the tiny ring found at the Botley Hill Farmhouse

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