Volunteers wanted to launch Get Fit Club

CONSTRUCTION of the Trim Trail at the Holland Sports and Social Club in Hurst Green is scheduled to start on September 3 and last for four-six weeks.
All there funds for the trail are now in place – The Holland Sports and Social Association (HSSA) launched the  campaign to build the clean, all-weather and shock absorbent track with a minimum width of 1.5 metres and a total length of 828 metres.
The trail will join together the recreation ground’s car park, the children’s football pitches, and create an exit path to a country walk, continuing through less visited areas of the park, around to the outdoor gym area, past the entrance to the running track and then back to the car park.
A spokesman for the Association said:“This project will aim to greatly reduce the number of inactive adults in our community. We have designed the Trim Trail path to combine with the outdoor gym to offer a circuit. These facilities will be at the heart of a new keep-fit club which we intend to start in 2018; offering free advice and exercise sessions per week to unfit/inactive adults, elderly or disabled persons.”
Now the Association is starting the Get Fit Club and is trying to put together a dedicated team of enthusiastic volunteers who wish to encourage more of  the  community to be more active, more often.
Volunteers who are able to contribute their time, knowledge and experience to the new Get Fit Club  are needed in the following roles.
• Chairman                         – vacant
• Vice Chairman                – vacant
• Club Secretary                    – position filled
• Treasurer                             – vacant
• Membership Secretary     – position filled
• 3 – 5 Qualified Keep-Fit Coaches
Trail fundraiser Stuart Brown said: “   We wish to inspire all the local adults to regularly participate in aerobic activity and strength exercise several times every week; either on their own, with their family or groups of friends, or to join us in free training sessions. The club is driven by our experienced and qualified coaches, following a suitable range of guidance such as NHS “Live Well” to support our community as they progress from couch to fitness.
“We wish to gain a wide local membership, emphasising that joining the club is free, as are all of our services. Our target members would be unfit/inactive adults, including elderly and disabled persons. Active, fit adults may join or continue in our club, gaining our advice to continue their health lifestyle.”

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