Council revises application for new Oxted car park

TANDRIDGE District Council has applied for permission to make changes to its original Ellice Road, Oxted, car park design (Application No 2018/1489) which was granted permission in April this year.

The revised application can now be viewed online at
The main change to the original design is that the building will no longer have side ramps, making it less bulky.

This, says the Council, will improve the whole car park and allows for a larger area of landscaping between the car park and properties on Ellice Road, giving them better screening. As a result of the changes the car park will now have 297 spaces, three fewer than in the original design.

The other key amendment to the proposal is that a one-way system around Amy, Ellice and Beatrice Roads is not now included as part of the application. Having listened to residents’ concerns and subsequent discussions with transport consultants and Surrey Highways, the Council has agreed to keep the two-way access on these roads for a 12 month trial basis. If, after this period, there is too much traffic on these residential roads, a one-way system will be reconsidered.

Construction will start in January 2019. This date was agreed to ensure the existing car park would be open in the run up to Christmas 2018 and that the new car park would be ready for Christmas 2019, with all construction complete by either September or October 2019, weather permitting.

Councillor Martin Fisher, Leader of Tandridge District Council, said: “We want to make sure this is the best design we can possibly build in terms of ease of use, safety and the impact the car park has on residents living in the surrounding properties. We feel it’s worth making these changes so our new car park is better and easier for visitors to our town centre to use, which, in turn, helps support local businesses. It is important we take every opportunity to get this development right for Oxted and for our visitors, while still making sure timings do not impact businesses in the run up to either Christmas 2018 or 2019.”

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