Mountain biker will have to learn to walk again after bridleway accident

simon jonesThis is 55 year old mountain bike rider Simon Jones of Selsdon shortly after he was admitted to East Surrey Hospital in Redhill. And his wife Sarah, also a mountain biker and a retail manager at a Caterham supermarket, believes Simon’s horrific injuries – he is paralysed down one side of his body and will have to learn to walk again – are caused when someone placed logs across the Warlingham bridlepath he was riding on.

Simon, also a supermarket retail manager, and like his wife an experienced mountain biker, left his home at 7.30pm to cycle to the bridleway which is accessed off the Limpsfield Road in Warlingham. 

Two hundred yards into the path and travelling at around 25mph downhill, Simon spotted two logs across his route and had no option but to attempt to jump the obstruction. He wasn’t successful and although he was wearing a cycle helmet he suffered horrific leg, black and neck and facial injuries.

Amazingly Simon managed to ring his wife on his mobile phone and she came to collect him and drive him to East Surrey Hospital where medical staff discovered a trauma bleed on his brain which has left him paralysed down his left side.

Sarah, mum to two sons, said: “Simon is conscious and chatting and can remember everything. The helmet saved his life but I have been told he will be in East Surrey for at least a month and will have to go to a rehab centre to learn to walk again.”
Sarah has posted these photos of her husband on social media in the hope of warning other mountain bikers of the dangers that can lurk on bridleways.

“I am sure these logs were placed across the path intentionally. I rode that route the week before and there were no logs there. Whoever did it probably has no idea of the damage they have caused. It is an act of thoughtless, mindless harm to Simon and potentially to others.”

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