Family claim their Lingfield Gardens is the alternative to Star Fields housing

Describing it as an alternative  to the Star Fields proposals which they say will ‘damage the village forever’ long standing Lingfield residents Andrew and James Telfer are touting their plans for their Lingfield Gardens development.

The Star Fields project for housing is the subject of a public meeting in Lingfield’s parish church on September 5 and the Telfer family, Andrew and James, have put forward Lingfield Gardens on a site in East Grinstead Road saying: “Our family wants to give back to our village through our Lingfield Gardens development. We genuinely want to engage with the local community to provide what is actually needed

“We will develop the site ourselves to ensure that we fulfil our promises right to the end
Unlike many other developers, we will not sell the site on to the highest bidder
Without your help now, the Star Fields will be allocated in our final Local Plan
This will damage our village forever.”

Portraying Lingfield Gardens as the answer to the village’s housing, the Telfers say they introduce new amenity including dog walks and kids play zone.
They would encourage sustainable forms of transport and reduced car ownership through a car club
Simplify residents lives, supported by a web-based IT solution and on site staff
Fully retain rural character when entering/exiting the village.
The site they claim would be virtually invisible from current views, designed to ‘invite the Green Belt in’ and have no impact on church views
Andrew Telfer said: “We are exploring whether a new Lingfield Surgery could be included at Lingfield Gardens. Our plans are aimed at much needed retirement and two-three bed houses which should inherently help restrict incremental road and rail usage

“We have lived in the area for 20 years and understand the pressures on local housing and infrastructure. We are not an outside developer or major housebuilder driven by profit; we care about Lingfield and have a ‘social heart’. Our careful renovation of Lingfield House over many years, exemplifies our attention to detail and deep desire to retain historical character.

“If our development were to proceed, we promise to develop the site ourselves into something that is truly sustainable and complementary to the village for residents and local businesses. The site’s scale and proximity to the village centre offers an unrivalled opportunity to do something different. Our approach is focused on people and the experience we can create for them whether as a new or existing Lingfield resident.”

The new homes, say the Telfers, will focus on catering for retired people and families seeking affordable two or three bedroom homes

Mr Telfer continued: “Our masterplan designs will draw upon the rich historical character of Lingfield and retain Lingfield House, originally home to the entrepreneurial Victorian Mortar family and their extensive apple orchard business. The masterplan will seek to raise the ‘quality bar’ especially when compared with residential expansion over the last 60 years.

“Our designs for Lingfield Gardens are organised to ‘invite in’ local people and the surrounding countryside whilst the development will be almost invisible from East Grinstead Road. The retention of Lingfield House, partly converted to apartments aimed at retirees and to serve as a base for our on-site staff, will promote the resident / community experience, and the large indoor fitness suite and residents lounge / dining room.
“ The heart of community assets will be delivering beautifully landscaped gardens as public open space for use by residents and the wider Lingfield community. There will be increased public space areas to include a kids zone play area.”

Lingfield Gardens homes would be aimed at retirees, around 40 apartments closest to the village to the north, and 59 houses for families / young people through mostly affordable two and three bedroom homes.

Photos show Andrew and James Telfer and the site of the proposed Lingfield Gardens

6 thoughts on “Family claim their Lingfield Gardens is the alternative to Star Fields housing

  1. What the Telfer family have not said, is East Grinstead Road is a very dangerous road and has seen many car and pedestrian accidents over the years. The development will sit outside of the settlement boundary of Lingfield. The land that the Telfer family want to develop is green belt and is currently used for agricultural purposes. The development will still be visible from East Grinstead Road and to the local residents overlooking the land. The idea of a new doctors surgery in the development will remove the vital service out of the village, making it unaccessable to the the residents of the village, particularly to the elderly in orchard court. The plans for Lingfield Gardens is across a 10 acre site, much smaller than those of the Star fields which is an 18 acre site. There will be no village access from the development because there is no public footpath meaning it will be disconnected from the village. The amount of housing on the Lingfield Gardens site will leave very little open space for a play area and pleasure gardens. Tandridge District council have already rejected Lingfield Gardens as an alternative site because of the landscape it sits in. The local residents overloooking Lingfield House and the fields, have been ignored and have not been notified of the plans whereas the residents not overlooking the site, have been notified along with residents living in Dormansland. The Telfer family have made themselves unaccountable to criticism by removing the comments section off of their website. It’s all well and good saying the houses will be affordable but how can that be possible when a one bed Cottage in the local area sold for over £300,000.

  2. I think what Mr Telfer doesn’t tell you is that he owns Lingfield House and the surrounding fields…say no more!

  3. As Lingfield Council has already made clear through their guidance notes, an alternative site is needed to prevent development of the Star Fields. This is clearly an alternative that would cause far less harm and at least the developers are looking to talk to the Village. Comment sections like this are obviously just going to be a place where the fringe locals vent their anger…

    1. Dear Amelia
      I hope you are wrong, the Parish Council have to be impartial in fact the following is their recent statement.

      “as the rules are quite strict about no Parish Council input and neutrality”

      If you know different please reply to this note so I can be investigate further.

      My email address is as follows

  4. Star fields is very close to amenities, the church, the train station, bus stops, schools, Lingfield Park Racecourse and is central to the community which is the opposite to what would be available to Lingfield Gardens which is outside the boundary of the Lingfield settlement. Star fields has clearly been carefully considered for it to be put into the draft local plan. The open letter from the chair of the planning committee says ‘Unlike earlier consultations which considered alternative options, Regulation 19 is solely concerned with legal compliance and soundness (in planning language) of the draft plan and these are the only comments we are able to consider at this stage’.

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