Community centre users petition District Council

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Tandridge District Council’s Housing Committee meeting on Thursday, September 13 will be updated about the option of leasing a large part of the Douglas Brunton Centre (DBC) in Caterham to St Catherine’s Hospice, along with how the Council is consulting users of the centre.

In addition, a petition will be presented by users of the centre asking for the centre to remain as it is.

In the last few weeks Godstone Councillor Nick Childs, Chairman of the Housing Committee and Vice-Chairman Liz Parker, along with council officers, have met users of the centre to discuss the proposals and answer any questions.

The proposals are part of the Council’s commitment to find ways to continue to provide valued services in a more sustainable way. According to the Council, Figures for the DBC show the number of people benefitting from services provided at the centre has steadily declined, while running costs continue to rise. It costs the Council around £250,000 a year to run the centre.

Over the next couple of months a series of consultation meetings will be held with users of the DBC to determine what’s currently available locally. The Council will also explore new opportunities for partnership working to provide services which benefit all older people, including those who do not currently use the centre. Particular consideration will be given to the needs of the more vulnerable members so they keep their independence and do not become socially isolated.

If part of the building is leased to St Catherine’s Hospice several new services will be available in the community. St Catherine’s is keen to be involved in the consultation meetings and to work in partnership to extend services available.

Councillor Childs said: “We appreciate some people are concerned about future services and activities at the DBC. We are keen to stress this is not about closing the DBC, but exploring options and working closely with local organisations and partners to find the best solution for the whole community.”

Photo by kevin black shows some of the users of the centre who are petitioning the District Council

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