Council will consult on housing strategy

A public consultation where you can have your say about the priorities of Tandridge District Council’s Housing Strategy will take place between 28 September and 26 October.

The focus of the strategy is to provide a range of different housing products, including self-build, shared ownership, rent to buy and affordable rent where it is viable.

The strategy sets out how the Council will work to make the best use of the existing housing stock in the district by tackling disrepair and energy efficiency issues, as well as bringing empty properties back into use. The strategy also makes sure there is help and advice for those threatened with homelessness, along with the right type of supported housing for the district’s most vulnerable households.

The focus of the draft Housing Strategy is on three main priorities:

· Creating sustainable communities and meeting needs.
· Improving the quality and the use of existing housing stock.
· Meeting the specific needs of vulnerable households and those on lower incomes.
Godstone District Councillor Nick Childs, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said: “Many people in our area cannot afford to buy their own home or rent a property. Our housing vision is to improve the quality of our residents’ lives and wellbeing by delivering more high quality homes and maximising our ability to help those who need it. We are already building council homes and provide information and support to prevent homelessness, but this is not enough.

“We know we can’t overcome all the challenges we face on our own, so we will work with our partners across all sectors to deliver the homes, including affordable homes, to give all our residents an opportunity to achieve a good quality of life in our district.”

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