Youngsters – and his great-grandson – have fun with Churchill’s Chartwell’s tree house

Pupils from Crockham Hill Primary School got the chance to scramble all over the brand new tree house that has opened in the woods near Chartwell, on the outskirts of Westerham, the former home of Sir Winston Churchill.

And one student in particular, Charlotte, cut a ribbon to officially launch the tree house which has been inspired by the treehouse Sir Winston built at Chartwell in the 1930s.

And snipping another ribbon was Jonathan Sandys, great-grandson of Britain’s wartime leader , and an author and international public speaker on the life, times and leadership of his illustrious relative.

Mr Sandys joined the youngsters and invited guests in touring the new structure and tried out the adjoining slide.

Also enjoying the slide were Caterham three year olds Rose Chambers and Felix O’Neill who were visiting Chartwell with their mums.

Photos kevin black

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