Blistered but beaming – the Westerham Wanderers walk the walk

Footsore but delighted with their efforts, the intrepid members of the Westerham Club, affectionately known as the Westerham Wanderers, enjoy a drink back at the club after taking to the tow path of the River Thames for a 50km hike to raise money for the town’s Churchill CE Primary School.

Led by local businessmen Ray Barr who last year walked from Westerham to Canterbury, bringing in over £2000 for the school, the Wanderers set off from Fulham bridge at 7am and finished 11 hours later at Runnymede, blistered but beaming.

During his walk Ray Barr took his one millionth step since he began monitoring his paces back in July; Ray reckoned he was taking 17,000 steps a day and this challenge has been added to the tow path adventure.

The Wanderers are well on the way to raising their target of £3000 and if you want to add to the sponsorship see

Photos show the Wanderers back at the Westerham Club and en route

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