Councillor Connolly loses seat on Parish Council

beverley connolly
Because she has not attended a meeting of Oxted Parish Council since March, Caterham Tandridge District Conservative Councillor Beverley Connolly has lost her seat on the Parish Council.

According to the Parish Council : “Under Section 85 of the Local Government Act 1972, “a Councillor vacates office if he/she fails to attend a relevant meeting for six consecutive months after his/her last attendance. A relevant meeting constitutes a meeting of the council, or any of its committees or sub-committees”.

“As Councillor Connolly’s last attendance was in March 2018, she now ceases to be a member of the Oxted Parish Council.”

Fellow Parish Councillor and Leader of the District Council Martin Fisher said: “Work commitments have prevented Beverley from attending some Parish Council
meetings as she has prioritised her District work especial as vice chairman
of Overview & Scrutiny committee, chairman of Licensing and a member of the
busy Planning Committee.

“She remains a valuable member of our Conservative district team.”

Councillor Connolly who lives in Oxted and is a former chairman of the District Council has been contacted for a response.

In a social media posting she said: “The reason why I was unable to commit to enough Oxted Parish Council meetings is because I spend the vast majority of my life, when I’m not working full time, to Caterham and the Soper Hall. I did try to resign from Oxted PC two years ago as I realised that my Caterham and Tandridge District Council commitments needed to take priority but was asked to reconsider.”

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