Pamu Scroll bluetooth headphones – taking the edge of the commuter slog

by Jason Monty | technology editor | @drydog

ONE of the downsides to living in our lovely District is that many of us face the daily commute to London. Having your own entertainment system en-route is critical if you want to take the edge off the daily slog to the office. A set of decent headphones are a vital part of the tech savvy commuter’s toolkit.

Since Apple went to market with their AirPods a new wave of Bluetooth earbuds have flooded the consumer tech market – which all promise excellent sound quality with the flexibility of being completely wireless.

Enter the Pamu Scroll headphones. This is the second headphone product from Padmu, who previously launched their first headphones via crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with 19000+ backers and $930K funds. The Pamu Scroll is their second generation headphone  just launched on Indiegogo campaign and already has almost 14,000 backers.

On the face of it you might mistake these buds as just another set of Bluetooth headphones – but you’d be wrong.

Like most others, they come complete with a storage case, which doubles as a charger for the headphones. But there’s a couple of nifty twists.

Firstly, they ship with a wireless charging adapter which, when inserted into the micro USB port on the case, gives you the ability to charge the case and headphones on any standard wireless charger. This is a particularly nice touch, as you can easily just sit it on any wireless smartphone charger when you want to quickly top up the battery.

Secondly, the design. In short they are beautiful. The case, a small cylindrical design is finished to a really high standard. The magnetic leather strap opens easily and you are presented with the two earbuds.

During my testing, I was able to pair both very easily with my Apple iPhone and once done both earbuds automatically connected each time I used them. They also contain a mic and I found the audio quality for making and receiving calls to be excellent. Plus with a tap on the left bud you can easily activate Siri.

But perhaps the most important question, how good do they sound? In short, very good. I have tested many Bluetooth earbuds, including Apple’s AirPods and I can honestly say I found the Pamu Scroll to be superior. In my testing, I found podcast listening extremely clear. However, it’s with music that the Pamu buds really shine. They fit very well in the ears so drown out a lot of background noise. The music is immersive, very clear at the mid range and enough bass without giving you a headache.

I also found the battery life to be excellent too. Plus the Pamu Scrolls are waterproof – vital for our British weather.

So if it’s a decent set of wireless headphones you are after – go and grab a set of Pamu Scrolls ; you won’t be disappointed.

You can find out more on their indiegogo page.

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