Trio who raided Woldingham home are jailed


Three burglars have been jailed for more than 11 years between them at Guildford Crown Court after being stopped in possession of stolen items taken from a home in Woldingham earlier that day.

High value jewellery, electrical items, designer accessories and cash were stolen from the property on The Ridge on Thursday, 3 May.

The burglars also visited another property in Woldingham but were disturbed by the homeowner and said they were lost. That evening they were stopped in Bromley by the Metropolitan Police after a resident called police after having concerns about a suspicious vehicle parked in their road.

That vehicle was the same as the one seen by the homeowner who challenged them earlier that day, which was confirmed as the witness gave the same registration number as it was displaying when they were stopped by Met Police, albeit slightly obscured by a false plate.

The stolen property from the Woldingham address and a further false registration plate was found inside the car.

Investigating officer Police Constable Ed Bush said: “We are taking a hard line against burglars and are proactively targeting offenders who are travelling in and out of the county.

“We know that burglary is a concern for many residents but I hope this result, among many others, demonstrates that we are dedicated to bringing people to justice.

“This case shows just how important the public can be in preventing and detecting crime. The suspicions raised by the member of the public in Bromley led to the arrest of the three suspects and in turn meant the victims had all their property returned. If you see suspicious activity in your area please call it in at the moment you see it.
The three pleaded guilty to one charge of burglary

Joanne Eldridge, 32, of Lewisham – 38 months in prison.

Nigel Spicer, 29, of Crystal Palace – 52 months .

Stephen White, 34, of Bromley – 44 months .

Photos show White, Spicer and Eldridge

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