Make sure you have a vote in May

Over 62% of residents in Tandridge have already returned their Household Enquiry Forms and confirmed their details on the electoral register.

At the moment residents in the 14,000 properties who have not yet responded, will not be able to vote in local elections next May.

Household Enquiry Forms, which have been posted to every property in the district, must be checked, completed and returned even if there are no changes to the pre-printed details.

If your name is missing or if any other details need to be added or changed, you can update them online or amend the printed version and return it in the post. If you add someone to the form they must also be registered online at

Anyone who has recently moved is particularly encouraged to make sure their form has their name on it. Research by the Electoral Commission indicates recent home movers are far less likely to be registered than those who have lived at the same address for a long time.

Louise Round, Chief Executive at Tandridge District Council, said: “It’s really important everyone who is entitled to vote is able to. Once you’ve checked the form it’s easy to go online and make amendments or confirm everything is correct. Don’t let something as simple as not being on the register stop you from having a vote and a voice.”

Anyone with questions about the form, voting or the electoral register should visit

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