Harriet home from Everest base camp adventure

harriet frith

A FORMER head girl of Oxted School has returned from a challenging climb to a base camp on Mount Everest to raise money and awareness for the global battle against hunger.

Twenty year old Harriet Firth, whose family home is on Oxted, and is taking history and Eastern Europe studies at Nottingham University, was in a party of climbers taking on the adventure, and her efforts will benefit Action Against Hunger, a humanitarian organisation that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger.

AAH saves the lives of malnourished children and ensures everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare. Action Against Hunger works in nearly 50 countries.

To get on the climb to the base camp Harriet, who is in her second year at Nottingham, had had to raise £3000 – to bring in the money she raffled all her 18th birthday champagne bottles, six in all and raised on average £50 a bottle; asked Krispy Kreme to sell her some doughnuts at 50p each and she sold them for £1.50 each in the student union; conducted a Valentine’s Day auction; collected £87 in six hours in Derby in the rain; raised £672.18p with a two day collection in London;and received donations from family and friends.
Although she is not a climber Harriet successfully completed the climb and raised the most money in the choose a challenge group – bringing in £3,500.

Her trip was a success with no blisters or broken bones! The only thing to go wrong was the fact the weather was awful on their departure day and Harriet’s group was stuck at Lukla airport ( reputedly one of the most dangerous airports in the world) for six days.

The delay dampened the climbers’ spirits but Harriet reports they they played card games and sang songs! In fact if they hadn’t caught the plane on the sixth day the military was going to helicopter in and rescue the group!
Photos show Harriet at the Everest base camp and sunrise over Everest

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