Have your say on the Douglas Brunton Centre

Tandridge District Council and the Centre’s Steering Committee have launched a consultation to find out more about how people might use the Douglas Brunton Centre in Caterham and what services and activities would be of benefit to older people in the district.

The Council and the committee are keen to get feedback about how existing services could be improved or extended and whether there are different activities and services which would encourage more people to use them.

This is because attendance figures for services at the centre show a steady decline in recent years, while running costs have risen. It costs the Council around £250,000 a year to run the facility.

The consultation will consist of a review of successful community centres, meetings with relevant groups as well as surveys to members and non-members of the centre. This will allow as much information to be gathered as possible.

Anyone can take part in the consultation and copies of the surveys will be available at the centre, online at www.tandridge.gov.uk/DBC or you can request one from Customer Services on 01883 722000 or e-mail customerservices@tandridge.gov.uk

Councillor Nick Childs, Chair of the Housing Committee, said: “It will take several months to speak to all the organisations we need to and to analyse the returned questionnaires. We will keep centre members informed and if any changes are proposed we will work with people to ensure they are given support where necessary. Final decisions are a way off, but our priority will always be the needs of more vulnerable members, so they keep their independence and do not become socially isolated.”

The deadline for the return of questionnaires is November 19 .

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