Rap star Tierz takes wraps off the new kid on the block


There’s new kid on the rap and hip hop block and although he is emerging from the Hurst Green Hood, his songs have been played around nine millions times , mainly by a following he is building in sunkissed LA.

Dante Sklaw, 19 year old former Oxted School student, part time model and drummer George Higgins, is now under the protective wing of the area’s major rap star, Tierz, who is hoping to guide the teenager to major success.
“I reckon Dante will be signed to a major label within a year” said Tierz, aka Dan Andrews whose roots lie in Westerham and Edenbridge, “I guarantee it.”

When Tierz spotted one of Dante’s videos on YouTube heard some of the self composed tracks on Soundcloud he was convinced the teenager has the right stuff.

“He reminds me of when I started ” said Dan. “He is young and hungry and he has got something to say and he is different.”

Tierz who is in the process of releasing some more tracks of his own intends to take Dante to next level by coaching him in the skills of stage presence and media interviews and will sharing the limelight with his protege at selected gigs -they are scheduled to appear together at venue in Camden, London, on November 18.

In the meantime Tierz has formed a management company – he has long held the desire to launch a record label – to take care of the Diante business and has secured sponsorship for him from two clothing companies. And already an American magazine has featured the young rapper from Hurst Green and Dan is hoping for more coverage in glossies.

As for Diante he is constantly writing tracks ready for exporting onto social media platforms and with the plays stacking up he believes the Tierz-Diante Sklaw partnership is rolling in the right direction.

“I could have gone into modelling ” he says, “I could have used the diploma in business studies I got from college and ended up in an office job but for me the music is life. And I think in these days of depression and mental health issues, especially among the young I hope I can help. In fact I know already from messages that I have received on social media that my music and what I have to say has helped others. That is what is important.”

You can listen to Dante Sklaw tracks, including the latest It’s A Trap, which has received over two million hits, on:

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/dantesklaw
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/dantesklaw

And the It’s A Trap video is on Youtube.

Photo by kevin black shows Tierz (Dan Andrews) and his protege Dante Sklaw (George Higgins).

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