Botten: Fight for children’s centres

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Caterham on the Hill’s Surrey County Councillor Chris Botten is urging residents of Hurst Green, Lingfield, Smallfield and Caterham to participate in the County Council’s consultation which may lead to the closure- or staff redundancies – of children’s centres in these communities.

Councillor Botten, Leader of the Lib Dem Group on the County Council said: “The consultation proposes closing all the Children’s Centres in Tandridge except the one in Caterham, which would become a hub for “Family Resilience”.

“I have no idea what, in practice, that phrase means. The loss of the centre in Hurst Green, and the support it gives for families there and in Godstone, is a tragic loss and we need to fight to keep it as a satellite centre so the families can continue to be supported.

“But that does not mean that the staff in Caterham, whom we all adore, are safe. All the staff in the centres will be placed at risk of redundancy, and the staff in Caterham will be in the same position as everyone else.”

Mr Botten asks residents to respond to the consultation at and write to their local County Councillor, MP and David Hodge, Leader of the County Council.

Mr Botten added: “Many of our families owe so very much to our Children’s Centres. Help us fight for them in their hour of need.”

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  1. Campaign to keep our children’s centres open the staff do a wonderful job ihelping families. This is fantastic for the community. Don’t let this happen if you care about children do something to keep these centres open a big Thankyou to all the staff who work tirelessly.

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