Ex Chelsea skipper Katie to give Pumas a workout


Katie Chapman, the retired England midfielder and Chelsea Ladies captain will be at the newly refurbished de Stafford Sports Centre in Caterham on Monday to meet the ladies of Caterham Pumas FC and give them a workshop in the new state-of-the-art functional training and weights area.

The idea behind the session is to demonstrate the importance of such local facilities to support the training of local sportspeople.

At the end of September de Stafford Sports Centre unveiled its brand new gym, which as you’d expect features the very latest cardio and weights equipment.

However, there are also a few items that you may be surprised to see outside of top London gyms – this is because Freedom Leisure is keen to support a wide range of users, including pupils at de Stafford School and local sportspeople.

Just some of the most up to date kit includes, a squyre (a square tyre), a weighted sled with a 10m in-gym astroturf track and plyo boxes – all of which load the body with weight while performing functional movements, or stretch the muscles in ways that other kit doesn’t.

Chris Cole, Sports Centre Manager, says: “Strength and conditioning makes the body stronger, fitter and less injury prone, which is great for people wishing to improve in their sport, and this type of training also acts quickly to make the body look leaner and fitter too.”

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