Council’s draft Housing Strategy gets 200 comments

Over 200 comments were received from residents, councillors and organisations such as developers, land agents, planning consultants and service professionals to Tandridge District Council’s public consultation for its draft Housing Strategy.

The findings so far have shown support for the Council to:

Build affordable rented properties for people on low incomes with its partners.
Prioritise local residents to ensure they can buy newly built affordable homes.
Work with landlords and tenants to improve conditions in the private sector and take action against bad landlords.

Ensure the energy efficiency of new homes and improve the efficiency of existing homes.
Develop ways to help people voluntarily move to smaller homes to free up larger homes for families.
Work closely with the community and organisations to identify and provide housing support for residents with health needs.

The Council is still analysing the responses to inform the final draft of the strategy, which will be considered for adoption in January 2019 by the Housing Committee.

Councillor Nick Childs, Chairman of the Housing Committee, said “We welcome all the feedback this consultation has generated which is now being carefully analysed. The findings will help us shape the strategy which aims to ensure the district has a range of sizes and types of property, including affordable housing, to suit everyone’s needs.”

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