Sad news about Kevin Black

Hi everyone. It is with a very sad heart to report that Kevin Black, editor of this online newspaper lost his battle with cancer and passed away peacefully on the morning of 31 December 2018 in hospital. He did not suffer and he was with his family until the end.

Rest in Peace our dear Kevin, we will miss you with all our hearts.

Lots of love from his family: Christine, Dominique, Jessica, Bruno and myself – Jason.

3 thoughts on “Sad news about Kevin Black

  1. Our whole family was very saddened indeed to hear the news about Kevin.

    When I first arrived, over twenty years ago, as a rookie Parliamentary candidate in East Surrey, I was strongly advised (by Old Guard Tories) to have absolutely nothing to do with him. They said that he was “a dangerous leftie” and “not to be trusted”. Without hesitation I ignored that advice and, as a result, we ended up as friends. We developed a symbiotic relationship of a kind I have never known before or since.

    He had an abundance of empathy with the issues and challenges facing local people. He had a critical eye too, being able to discriminate between what he called “bullshitters” and people with a genuine cause.

    He seemed to work tirelessly. It’s often said of some politicians that they would turn up to the opening of a paper bag if they thought they’d get some benefit from doing so. Kevin seemed to turn up at almost everything that I did, but far, far more besides. If it involved a school, a concert, a play, and act of vandalism, a special birthday party, an open day, a planning dispute, a lost cat, and act of kindness or hooliganism, he’d be there armed with his camera and his intelligence. Then there was just the small matter of putting the whole of “County Border News” together – every single week. An astonishing achievement.

    And he made me laugh. He was very discretely funny about the foibles and follies of local people. We could share a joke. I never doubted his integrity. He knew my Constituency better than any politician. He just “got” it.

    Quite how a rebellious Scotsman came to play such a pivotal role in East Surrey was, and will be, always a mystery to me. I think he enjoyed being an outsider whilst knowing the very heart of the place.

    He told me that he was the longest serving editor of any newspaper in the UK. I’m sure that’s true. He should have received better public recognition simply for that achievement. His work at “County Border News” was also a huge public service which deserved more acclamation; it wasn’t just a newspaper.

    He was, above all, a very good journalist. He had a nose for a story and campaigning spirit. Early in my time as MP for East Surrey, having rented a converted garage in Woldingham for a while, we moved into another rented property at Chartwell. The day we moved all our belongings there I bumped into Kevin at the Penshurst Point-to-Point in the afternoon. I had children with dripping ice-creams in each hand in the middle of a field. “What are you up to?” he asked.
    “We’ve just moved all our stuff into a cottage at Chartwell. Knackering”, I replied.

    Headline in next issue of “County Border News”? “SURREY MP MOVES TO KENT”. Genius.

    He was part of my life. A good one. I will miss him very much.

    Our thoughts are with Christine and the family.

    Peter Ainsworth

  2. Will you be posting detaiks of the funeral arrangements here?

    We would like to pay our respects to our friend.

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